The Second coming of beef!

SOLD OUT – Thank you again to our wonderful customers who support our small operation!  We really could not do this without the local support!


Did you miss out on Fall Beef? Well we are going to have another animal ready soon and we only have 1/2 share left! Let me know if you are interested!! This is 100% pasture fed organically raised beef. If you are going to eat meat, why not support sustainably raised products!  Our animals are born outside, live their lives in pasture and mixed forest and managed with intensive grazing practices which is better for the land AND the animal.  In the off season they are fed organic hay.

Scottish Highland meat is super lean, high omega content, and the taste is similar to beefalo (buffalo cross).   

Our cattle are NOT big cattle, therefore 1/2 a share is great for a larger family or share with some friends!