Chicken Feed

Today was a busy day here as we received a 2500 pound order of chicken feed for our laying hens and meat birds.  We work hard to find good, small producers of high quality feed.  We seek to feed Non-GMO food to supplement the grazing our birds do.  We also want to work with like-minded farmers who value the work they do.  The circle of sustainable farming can be achieved even when sourcing outside feed.  

We were very happy to find and work with a small feed mill out of Colville Washington: Red Bridge Farm.  Brad and his family are sourcing and milling high quality grains and creating a feed source that is healthy for the animals and as an extension those of us who may consume the products from these animals.  

If you are looking for a feed source in the Pacific Northwest, I would encourage you to take a look at Red Bridge:  


Our chickens approved immediately!