Winter is Upon us

Winter is upon us and in the Pacific Northwest (this year) that means days of cold rains, freezing overnight temperatures, and occasional snow on the farm.  This makes chores a little more interesting some mornings as we slip-slid around our feeding rounds and have to make sure all animals have unfrozen water containers!

Winter also means more snuggling inside with good books and planning time for next year!

Poco Says: do we have to go outside? 

We were able to rent a bull to live cover our cows this year and are hopeful for two calfs arriving late May to early June.  The girls are certainly eating as if for two!

Some of our fall colors this year!

Our Babydoll Southdown ram: Thunder, joined his girls after Halloween and promptly went to work! We are fortunate to be able to keep our entire flock of sheep together, even through lambing, with the exception of about 8 weeks from September to November.  We have 10 ewes we are hoping are bred this year and hope for 12-20 lambs to be dropping in March!  

A few of the girls we are hoping for lambs from. 

Tabor, our wonderful KuneKune boar, was so heart broken to be away from his herd we finally let him back in with the group for breeding the end of October.  We are hoping he bred both Ophelia and Nora for piglets arriving the end of February-beginning of March.  

Tabor (foreground) enjoying a pumpkin and Nora (background). 

So, while we enjoy the slower pace of winter, the animals are busy doing their thing – grazing, sleeping, gestating (we hope!), and enjoying the cooler weather!  These heritage breed animals are so resilient and the cooler weather never seems to phase them.  

Happy Holidays!!

If you would like to reserve you place in line for live animals or meat, please reach out as we are starting waiting lists for it all!