Piglets are Here!

The wait is finally over! The piglets have arrived. Both Nora and Ophelia delivered within about 24 hours of each other. I was thinking I was going to have a couple days to recover from staying up with Ophelia, but Nora had other plans. She also decided she wanted to make a nest in a Holly bush!

Nora thought this Holly/Willow tree combo was a good place to nest. So we brought in hay and tripped all the branches away…

Ophelia delivered 9 vigorous piglets: 5 gilts, 4 boars. All of her piglets are varying shades of cream to ginger:

Who’s Who?

As usual, she’s a wonderful sow and protective of her piglets. She doesn’t mind the humans being around but lets the dogs know when she’s had enough of their presence! Poco is a really good birthing partner however:

Poco stands guard over Ophelia in labor. He also is super gentle and helps get the babies out of their sacks.

So back to Nora. Not to be outdone, Nora delivered 7 piglets late Friday (5/1) and into Saturday (5/2). She delivered 5 gilts and 2 boars! She had a harder time this year and we’d already made the decision that this was going to be her last litter. Nora is a wonderfully friendly KuneKune. A great representation of what the breed’s temperament should be. She has earned her breeding retirement. I am hoping one of the gilts can be retained here on the farm to continue her legacy.

Look at this tiny little gilt! So cute!

We were finally able to coax her back to a more appropriate shelter with Ophelia:

These sows have co-nursed litters before and do a great job. With a couple small gilts out of Nora, I’m hoping more milk bar access will help them thrive!

Wondering about the blue dots? Well at 2am, when you need to make sure piglets make it through the night and everyone is the same color you come up with some crazy plans. So we put blue dots on Nora’s cream piglets! We will be marking them individually to be able to effetely watch them grow!

Didn’t think I needed spray paint in my kit – it came in handy VERY early this morning!

We do have quite the list this year of interested KuneKune buyers, however we always welcome inquiries. Our friends in the area also delivered a litter of 5 this week and are expecting at least one more litter!

I hope this finds you all well. Remember each day, take at least one breath that is just for you!