Newest Farm Worker

We are so excited (well the humans are!) to introduce our newest farm worker:

Welcome Aster the Swedish Vallhund

We welcomed Aster home on 7/4/20. She’s been a champ about farm life so far. Learning all about the animals, the routines, and generally getting into trouble! Swedish Vallhunds are known as the Little Viking Dog. They are an old herding breed used primarily on cattle.

Cattle?!? That little thing?!

Like the Corgi (some may see the resemblance, but they are not actually related), smaller herding dogs are often used on cattle so that if the cows kick out, they kick over the dog.

Vallhunds are a lot of dog in a little package. Pharaah is learning how to be a good big sister.

Sharing bed and toys….

Poco is less than impressed…..

Poco isn’t so sure he’s happy about not being the smallest one in the house…

Aster will grow up to be about Poco’s size and we look forward to sharing all her adventures!