WOW! Time flies – even in a pandemic!

What a year 2020 was and now how 2021 is shaping up! Things never stop when you have a farm and so we kept our heads down and kept tending to the needs of those around us: animals, plants, and our friends and family.

We hope this find you and yours well and possibly feeling safe to emerge. Take your time!

A few big updates:

  1. We are selling our Babydoll flock! I believe they are all spoken for, however if you’d like to be on a wait list feel free to email:
  2. We will be bringing Registered Katahdin’s to the property. Katahdin’s are a hearty hair sheep (no shearing), that I hope to work on herding behavior with two of my dogs!
  3. We are returning to Highland Cattle. We are excited to be bringing on 2 steers this month (June 2021).
  4. Please check out our Sales page for the plethora of KuneKune Piglets available!