The waiting game!

We are anxiously awaiting Bossy the Highland cow to deliver this month!  She is getting so big! She’s such a good mom – we just want to see the new little one!DSC01867

Also, our wonderful little Jenny Sow – Panama Red (top picture) is due in about 4 weeks!  She is starting to fill out and carry her heavy belly lower.  Also a wonderful mom, this will be her first pairing with Yamsi our loving boar (lower picture).

DSC01794 IMG_1222

Piglets for sale!

Looking for a great homesteading pig?  Want a sturdy companion around the farm?  Interested in raising your own meat for a healthier 2016?  Look no further.

American Guinea Hog x KuneKune Piglets available: October 2015 born.

KuneKune piglets available from 2 summer litters.  Jenny x TeWhangi  and Wilsons Gina xTeWhangi lines.

Buy before 1/1/2016 for a discount!


IMG_1869 IMG_1870


We have also had some lovely sunsets – although this has been in part to a fire season that has exploded in the last week. The cloud in the second picture below is a pyrocumulonimbus cloud that was created by a fire and even caused a snow event (pyrosnow) on Mount Adams.

IMG_1374 IMG_1392


Our Summer heat has meant early veraison (color change).

IMG_1394 IMG_5073

What a crazy summer this has been!  Everyone is growing well and the property is alive with the sounds of the farm.

IMG_1373 IMG_1382



The heat here has been tough on everyone!  Kunekune Piglets enjoy using their water bowls as pool!

IMG_1183 IMG_1201 IMG_1203