Farm Pets

Pharaah (pronounced “Farrah”) the farm dog.  We acquired Pharaah in the summer of 2014 and she has been a bundle of light since then!  She is an Australian Kelpie mix in genetics, but almost ALL Kelpie in personality!

She generally can be found chasing sticks or balls; jumping over fences; or working on her herding techniques. With the help of a herding trainer, she has become a great help on the farm.  She really likes to make sure all the sheep are where they are supposed to be!

IMG_0390 IMG_0737 DSC01808

Poco:  Adopted from a local shelter – he’s been a fun addition to the farm!  He’s a pretty mellow dude, but loves to play and explore the property. He also is the resident ‘baby tender’.  He LOVES the babies.  He will kill rodents, but is SO tender with the babies!

IMG_1984 IMG_1985 IMG_2003

Kit Cat (AKA Kitty Kitty Meow Meow) – our barn cat, who is just the sweetest ‘feral’ cat ever.  She was adopted through a barn cat rescue and has adjusted well to farm life.  She prowls the property and helps keep the rodent population down.  She’s a tough little cat who generally loves everyone.

Oscar Kitty – It is with great sadness that we say Oscar left this life in March of 2020.  He was 16.5 years old and while it was hard to make the decision we know he was starting to suffer.  Oscar started life in a garbage can and was rescued as a kitten.  He was a city kitty for most of his life.  Moving to the farm has given a few of his 9 lives back to him!  He loves practicing his hunting skills, wandering through the vineyard and generally surveying his domain!

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