Heritage Breed Livestock

We have chosen the breeds on our farm carefully to work on establishing a diverse and integrated ecosystem for our corner of the world just over the Columbia River from Washington in Hood River, Oregon.

The cattle are Scottish Highland, and were chosen for their smaller size, generally more docile temperaments, and the ability to thrive on a variety of forages.  These cattle are wonderful browsers and are useful for fire suppression in our wooded land.  They are easy keeping cattle and good mothers.  They are adapted to be able to withstand harsher weather conditions.

The sheep are Babydoll Southdown, and were chosen for their easy going nature, short stature and their strong mothering instinct.  They are good vineyard mowers!  Stunningly hearty for a small statured sheep.

The pigs are Kunekune (pronounced Cooney-Cooney).  Native to New Zealand, these pigs preferentially graze, root minimally and are very easy on the land and us!  They are a smaller pig, but are NOT miniature pigs.  These qualities make them ideal ‘vineyard’ pigs.

We do occasionally harvest animals for meat.  Being older, slower growing breeds raised on pasture almost exclusively, the meat is lean and packed with flavor.