Crystal (born 2012) – Joined us in 2018 from California.  She is a consistently good mother and delivers twins most often.

(picture pending)

Emmie (born 2013) – Arrived on the farm in the summer of 2016.  She has lambed well in the past and we look forward to her first lambs for us in 2017.


Aurora (Born 2017) – This girl is the daughter of Thumbelina from our amazing winter of 2017!  She is a nice square sheep with a little bit of a sassy streak!

Tullamore (Born 2017) – This lovely stocky girl is out of our former head ewe Betty.  Betty was a wonderful mother and we are hoping for the same from this girl! She’s a little camera shy!

Lupine (Born 2017) – This sweet little girl joined us in 2018.  She is a kind little sheep and is everything that a Babydoll should be.  Docile, a good lamber and good with her babies.

(picture pending)

Fern (Born 2017) – Joined us with Lupine from Idaho in 2018.  She is also a good lamber and mother.

(picture pending)

Dot (Born 2018) – Dot was born to a friend of ours from a former Balanced Earth Farm Ewe – Betty!  It was so great to be able to bring Dot back to the farm with Betty’s genes!

(picture pending)

Bead (Born 2019) – Bead was born to Dot on the farm and we are looking forward to her future here.

Sundial (Born 2019) – Born to Lupine on the farm.  She’s turning into a lovely little girl and we look forward seeing her continue to develop here.

Mist (Born 2019) – Born to Emmie our rockstar momma!  She’s developing into a lovely little sheep.

Lucent (Born 2019) – Born to Aurora late 2019. She was a happy surprise after we thought we were all well and done lambing.  Apparently Aurora had a different thought!  Again looking forward to seeing how she continues to develop.