Kunekune Pigs



We raise purebred Kunekune pigs, just south of the Washington border in Hood River Oregon.  We register all piglets going for breeding homes.  As these pigs gain popularity, unregistered animals are being advertised as purebred. The only way to ensure you have purebred lines is to purchase registered stock.  We strive to ensure that we are breeding high quality piglets.  To this aim, animals being sold as pet quality pigs are required to be spayed/neutered prior to leaving the farm.

Pronounced “Cooney Cooney”, the Kunekune pig is a wonderful small statured heritage pig.  These industrious pigs are native to New Zealand and are slowly growing in popularity in Europe and North America.

The Kunekune pig is a multipurpose animal.  They preferentially graze pasture and as such are wonderful animals for land management.  They are a docile and friendly breed that rarely challenges fences, are easy to handle, and are wonderful around people of all ages.  We primarily raise pigs for breeding, land management and vineyard work.  We select for strong grazing desire, temperament, easy and natural breeding, and strong mothering instincts.  We utilize these pigs as Oregon’s first ‘vineyard’ pigs.

We will occasionally have meat pigs available upon request.  Typical to many heritage breeds, the Kunekune matures much more slowly than a production hog.  As such we recommend butchering between 5-8 months for roaster, 10-15 months for small cuts, and 18 months for more traditional size cuts.  These pigs are categorized as ‘lard’ pigs.  This means they preferentially sequester their fat in a lard layer on the outside of their bodies.  Their meat is deep red in color and the meat itself is relatively lean.  When butchering we strive to use as much of the animal as possible.  Lard can be used in candles, soaps, cooking and baking. Please contact us for meat options.

Please see our Sow, Boar and Sales pages for more information on individual pigs and those currently available for purchase.