Kunekune Sows/Gilts

We have three wonderful purebred females:

BEF Jenny 7 – Ophelia

This little red head caught my eye from the start.  We decided to retain her and see how she developed and boy were we happy!  She takes after her dam (Panama Red) in so many ways – square, sturdy, quickly matured to size, and polite (sits on command for food)! 

Ophelia’s Daughter from her 2020 litter – Freya

Like Ophelia – I loved this little girl. She does lack wattles, but she is long and broad and a lovely representation of the breed.

Here she is with Ophelia. Freya is the red head in the center of the picture.

BEF Jenny 8- Maiale – returned to the farm this year after adding some piglets to a friends farm. She’s got quite the personality!

Here’s Mai with her 2021 litter. Some of whom are available to new farms!