Kunekune Pigs and Piglets

2021 Availability: Please see our piglet availability below.  All piglets are DNA parentage confirmed and registered with AKKPS.  There is 1 breeding quality boar available at this time.

All breeding quality animals are $700 each; $600 each as part of a breeding pair/trio/etc

All young Barrows  are $275 each. 

8 month old pigs:

Cream Barrow – $400

Brown Boar – $700

Sire: Sue – Whakanui BORN 3/30/21
Dam: Fiona – Jenny  
Ginger swallow belly BARROW Available
Ginger swallow belly Gilt Available
Cream BARROW Available
Cream Gilt SOLD
Brown BARROW Available
Brown with white gilt Available
Sire: Sue – Whakanui Born 4/13/21
Dam: Mia – Jenny  
Brown and White Barrow SOLD
Brown Gilt SOLD
Brown Gilt SOLD
Brown Gilt Available
Black BARROW Available
Sire:  Sue Born 5/15/21
Dam: Fatty Patty  
Cream gilt RUNT 
Cream gilt Available
Cream BARROW Available
Cream BARROW Available
brown gilt Available
brown BARROW Available