Kunekune Pigs and Piglets

KuneKune Meat Pigs Available – Please enquire to get your share.

Nora (Wilsons Gina) x Tabor (Boris): Born 6/7/18 – All piglets $500 – DNA Confirmed


AKKPS 7494 BEF Boris 2 – Ginger and black; double wattled: Big boy would be a great companion for a boar out of breeding season or meat pig! 



AKKP 7495 BEF Boris 3 – Ginger and black; double wattled: Looking for a petit companion. He’s put together nicely with a square hind end, nice top line and thick shoulder.



Ophelia (Jenny) x Chester (Mahia Love) born 7/29/18 – DNA Confirmed

2 gilts available for breeding: 

AKKPS 7581 BEF Jenny 8 – Petite and compact brown and white (carries the agouti gene), double wattled, what I would consider a very short face.  Nice top line and square body.  Mild cow hocking. $700



AKKPS 7582 BEF Jenny 9: Lovely longer top lined gilt.  White and brown (carries agouti gene), double wattled short to medium snout.  Wooly little one!  Straighter through the hind end compared to her sister. $900